Great Neck’s Wiesenfeld Right on CUNY Honorary Degree

Great Neck resident Jeffrey Weisenfeld, a member of the City of New York Board of Trustees, deserves praise for bravely standing up at the CUNY Trustees’ meeting to oppose giving an honorary degree to playwright Tony Kushner. Kushner’s extreme, vicious, false anti-Israel views and screenplay, described in this article, made Kushner unworthy of an honorary degree.

Ackerman & McCarthy Use Budget Scare Tactics

Obama’s April 13 speech and both Democratic Congresspersons’ articles were extremely misleading regarding the Medicare and Medicaid provisions of the Republican budget.

Higher Taxes Are Not A Religious Or Moral Duty

High, sharply discriminatory taxation conflicts with important religious, moral, and democratic (with a small “d”) values.

Property Tax Cap Would Aid Homeownership

A property tax cap would have many benefits. A cap would give homeowners the needed certainty of knowing that huge property tax increases will not make their homes unaffordable, and forces local governments to address the other real culprit causing the exodus from New York – excessive government spending.

Property-Tax-Cap Critics Wrong On Facts & Policy

The proposed property tax cap is both Constitutional and necessary. The New York State Constitution provides that the New York legislature has both a right to restrict local taxation – and a duty to restrict local taxation to prevent tax abuse.

Response to misstatements about Tax Revolt Party petitioning in Karen Rubin’s endorsement article (Oct 2010)

by Elizabeth Berney, Esq. Karen Rubin is a very lovely lady in Great Neck who is involved in good causes such as helping replant trees destroyed by the microburst last summer.  Karen also reports on political events for many of the local newspapers.   Karen is very much to the left politically, and I’m a Republican, but it is [...]


  By Elizabeth Berney, Esq. Congressional Democrats are in trouble because of their high tax and spend, appeasement and misguided health care policies.  So, (according to recent articles) Democratic strategists have advised Democratic Congressional candidates to support legalizing marijuana – to win marijuana users’ votes!  In other words, they are willing to sacrifice health and safety [...]

The Storm Was Brewing Long Before September – Response to Congressman Ackerman regarding the Middle East (Oct. 2010)

Liz’s following artcle was first published in the Long Island Jewish World (Oct. 1-7, 2010 issue).  It has also been reprinted elsewhere.  Liz would be happy to grant permission for it to be reprinted in additional publications if you write to her:  Liz’s article was a response to  Congressman Gary Ackerman’s article “A Perfect Storm in September?” which also [...]

Endorsing with Eyes Closed (Nov. 2008 with Oct. 2010 update)

October 2010 Update: Unfortunately, the local press has not changed for the better this year.  Pre-primary, many of the local newspapers ignored the Republican races altogether, saying that there was no interest in them.  Most recently, the local liberal press has endorsing ultra-liberal Democratic incumbents across-the-board, and unfairly criticizing the Republican candidates (and your Tax [...]