Obama’s ’67 borders speech reflects his longstanding anti-Israel Policies

This 2-part article examines Obama’s awful May 19, 2011 “1967 borders” speech about the Middle East. Obama’s speech was even worse than many people realize; the dangerous, insecure pre-1967 borders (the 1949 Armistice lines) were only a “first step” in the concessions Obama demanded from Israel – just after terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity agreement, multiplying the dangers Israel faces. Obama’s May 19 speech also reflected Obama’s longstanding anti-Israel policy (the so-called Arab Peace Initiative which demands that Israel give up everything in return for nothing). The article also explains how Obama’s policy is much worse than the policy of the prior (Bush) administration.

Cornell fraternity hazing death a wakeup call to all parents

The recent hazing tragedy at Cornell reminds all parents to remind their children to act responsibly, to avoid hazing and alcohol abuse, and to remember that some students are very susceptible to harm.

Legalizing prostitution would harm women

This article discusses the harms that legalizing prostitution would cause – including an increase in human trafficking.