Ackerman & McCarthy Use Budget Scare Tactics

Obama’s April 13 speech and both Democratic Congresspersons’ articles were extremely misleading regarding the Medicare and Medicaid provisions of the Republican budget.

Higher Taxes Are Not A Religious Or Moral Duty

High, sharply discriminatory taxation conflicts with important religious, moral, and democratic (with a small “d”) values.

Property Tax Cap Would Aid Homeownership

A property tax cap would have many benefits. A cap would give homeowners the needed certainty of knowing that huge property tax increases will not make their homes unaffordable, and forces local governments to address the other real culprit causing the exodus from New York – excessive government spending.

Property-Tax-Cap Critics Wrong On Facts & Policy

The proposed property tax cap is both Constitutional and necessary. The New York State Constitution provides that the New York legislature has both a right to restrict local taxation – and a duty to restrict local taxation to prevent tax abuse.