In Our Backyard: Ackerman Offers To Bring GITMO Detainees To New York (May 2009)

 While most Congresspersons have had the good sense to insist “not in my backyard,” the New York Post reported on May 21, 2009 that Congressman Ackerman offered to bring the GITMO detainees to New York.  Ackerman’s misguided invitation to bring the GITMO detainees to New York came one day after the May 20, 2009 arrest of [...]

Missing The “Tax Czar” (May 2009)

 by Elizabeth Berney, Esq. Decades ago, when I was in law school (Univ. of Chicago), our tax professor (the charming, spry highly-esteemed Wally Blum, may he rest in peace) often asked the class:  “What would you do if you were Tax Czar?”   With this trademark question, Professor Blum encouraged us to think about how to make our complex tax system fair for all citizens.Apparently [...]