LIz Berney Discusses Ackerman’s “F” Rating on Taxes (Oct. 2008)

 by Elizabeth Berney, Esq. Congressman Ackerman and I recently had the opportunity to debate his tax record.   I pointed out that Ackerman received the worst possible rating from the National Taxpayers’ Union of “F” (“Big Spender”).  Among other things, in recent years:- Ackerman voted AGAINST making an increased child care credit permanent (May 2004)- Ackerman voted AGAINST [...]

Why Congressman Ackerman’s Anti-Christmas Vote Matters (Oct. 2008)

by Elizabeth Berney, Esq.  At a recent “Meet the Candidates” night at a church in Bayside Queens, I was asked why I care about Ackerman’s votes against resolutions honoring Christmas, since I am of another faith (Jewish).  Since other candidates were still awaiting their turn to speak, I gave my brief, basic answer.  The vote was [...]

Walking On Water and Other Adventures on the Campaign Trail (Oct. 2008)

by Elizabeth Berney, Esq.  Almost every day on the campaign trail brings a new story or adventure.  I thought I’d share a few favorites. At a shopping center where we were leafleting this summer, a man who usually votes for Democrats said to me, after learning that I’m running on the Republican ticket:   ”The only way I would [...]

Elizabeth Berney Speaks on the Dennis Prager Show (Oct. 2008)

On Wednesday October 8, 2008, Liz spoke on the Dennis Prager show.  You can hear a webcast of the radio show at: (minutes 38 – 46).   Dennis asked Liz about what it is like to run as a Republican in New York against liberal Democrat Ackerman. Liz mentioned that at the recent Great Neck [...]

Liz Recommends Ben Shapiro’s YouTube Videos (Oct. 2008)

by Elizabeth Berney, Esq. I highly recommend a new 3-part YouTube video by nationally syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro.  The video demonstrates why an Obama/Biden administration would be a disaster for Israel and would worsen the Iranian nuclear threat to America and our allies.  I’ve written and spoken about many of the same issues which are included in Ben’s video.  See the [...]