PRESS RELEASE: Republican Congressional Candidate Liz Berney asks all concerned citizens to urge that Governor Sarah Palin be re-invited to address the rally against Ahmadinejad at the U.N. this Monday Sept. 22, 2008

By Elizabeth Berney, Esq. September 18, 2008, 8:00 P.M.   During the last few days, New Yorkers were thrilled to hear that Governor Sarah Palin would be addressing the rally against Iran’s nuclear war-mongering Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations this coming Monday, September 22.  Sadly, today, the five Jewish groups which are coordinating the [...]

Gary Ackerman’s Santa Claus Complex (Sept. 2008)

by Elizabeth Berney, Esq.Last December, the media was abuzz with Gary Ackerman’s bizarre discriminatory vote against a Congressional resolution honoring Christmas (H. Res. 847).  Ackerman was one of only nine Congressmen who voted against the resolution.  Notably, Ackerman’s vote against honoring Christmas came right after he voted for a resolution honoring the Muslim holiday of [...]

Claiming Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due (Sept. 2008)

 by Elizabeth Berney, Esq.  I was flabbergasted to recently read in one of Congressman Ackerman’s website responses that he is now trying to claim credit for Israel’s rescue of Ethiopian Jews.  Those familiar with history know, and every article, study and book on the subject confirms that the credit clearly belongs to former President George [...]