Milano’s Statements On Israel Are Positive (Oct 2010)

By Elizabeth Berney, Esq. (Tax Revolt Party Candidate and Republican Committeewoman) Political campaigns should fairly and accurately present and debate differences (and discuss similarities) on the issues.  Campaigns should not be about smears and distortions.  For this reason, and because of my longstanding pro-Israel and pro-security advocacy, I am compelled to speak up about the recent disgraceful smears regarding Dr. [...]

It’s Time To Take Our Campuses Back

It’s time to take action against the vicious anti-Israel hate-fests on American campuses.


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Property Tax Cap Does Not Violate U.S. Constitution

New York State’s 60% “supermajority” requirement to override the new property tax cap is constitutional. Sixteen state constitutions require supermajority votes for any tax increase, and have lower taxes as a result.

New Tax Cap Has Holes That Need To Be Watched & Closed

The “property tax cap” just passed by the New York State Legislature is a good and important step in the right direction that was much needed. However, there are many ways that local governments and school districts can skirt around the new annual tax cap. Taxpayers will need to vigilantly watch attempts to override the tax cap, and make sure that the new Mandate Relief Council actively works to further reduce unnecessary mandates that drive up local government costs and our taxes.

Obama’s ’67 borders speech reflects his longstanding anti-Israel Policies

This 2-part article examines Obama’s awful May 19, 2011 “1967 borders” speech about the Middle East. Obama’s speech was even worse than many people realize; the dangerous, insecure pre-1967 borders (the 1949 Armistice lines) were only a “first step” in the concessions Obama demanded from Israel – just after terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity agreement, multiplying the dangers Israel faces. Obama’s May 19 speech also reflected Obama’s longstanding anti-Israel policy (the so-called Arab Peace Initiative which demands that Israel give up everything in return for nothing). The article also explains how Obama’s policy is much worse than the policy of the prior (Bush) administration.

Cornell fraternity hazing death a wakeup call to all parents

The recent hazing tragedy at Cornell reminds all parents to remind their children to act responsibly, to avoid hazing and alcohol abuse, and to remember that some students are very susceptible to harm.

Legalizing prostitution would harm women

This article discusses the harms that legalizing prostitution would cause – including an increase in human trafficking.

Temple Speech Shows Danger To Israelis

In recent months, a number of professors and others have given interesting speeches at local synagogues. This article, about a talk by Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith, the mayor of the town of Itamar, Israel, and his wife Leah, at Great Neck Synagogue, is the first in my series of discussions/critiques about these local synagogue talks. Itamar is the town where Palestinian terrorists recently brutally slaughtered a Jewish family, including a 3-month-old baby girl and two young boys. As the town’s mayor explained, the Palestinian attack was highly planned. Israel’s retention of Itamar and similar towns is essential to Israel’s security.

Tax Cap No Threat To A Great Great Neck

The proposed New York State property tax cap merely limits the rate of increase in local property taxes to 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less, and would merely prevent unnecessarily large increases in local budgets. Local spending is already significant and sufficient to assure Great Neck’s continuing high-quality facilities, especially since budgets may continue to increase modestly under the property tax cap proposal.